Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Christian TurnbullChristian Turnbull
Second Pass of the week!
Louise is a fantastic Instructor! She has supported me throughout my lessons and reassured me throughout my lessons, helping to build my confidence and pass my driving test. I cannot thank her enough!

Michael BillingtonMichael Billington
First time Pass with Zero Faults!
Louise was a wonderful Instructor with the patience of a saint! The LDC system was particularly helpful with learning to pass my theory test. Thank you for everything!

Tom LentonTom Lenton
First time Pass!
Louise has been so supportive in my journey to passing my test! She regularly acknowledges my achievements in working through the lesson structure as well as constantly making me aware of any areas needing improvements. At times lesson were fun and I felt empowered to succeed. Louise really cares about my worries on the road and every lesson I completed I felt I was growing in ability and confidence. The LDC workbook and materials were good and helped me prepare for lessons and review after lessons. Thanks Louise.

Joshua HeyJoshua Hey
First time Pass Zero faults!
Louise was brilliant. She took everything step by step allowing me to move at my own pace whilst still keeping me progressing throughout. Allowing me to pass with no driving faults first time.

Georgie HornGeorgie Horn
Passed in Preston
Louise is a very patient and polite instructor. She explains things clearly and helps you develop your driving skills. She helped me become a safe confident driver.

Connor Reid Connor Reid
First time Pass!
Louise was amazing. She has a vast in depth knowledge and was able to focus on my target areas effectively. I felt very comfortable at all times with the instructions given and help to become a safe and confident driver. Louise helped me to deepen my knowledge and understanding making it easy to pass first time.

Jack YatesJack Yates
First time Pass
Louise is a fantastic instructor. Please choose her she is the best!

Rachel BaxterRachel Baxter
First time pass in Heysham
As someone who is a very nervous driver I greatly appreciate Louise’s patience and encouragement and for reassuring me that I could do it! I would definitely recommend her to other Learners. The LDC's website and workbook were useful for preparation for both lessons and the theory test.

Jessica JamesJessica James
First time Pass in Preston
My instructor, Louise was amazing, very encouraging and supportive. I would 100% recommend her after passing first time.

Sienna BoltonSienna Bolton
First time Pass!
Louise has a lovely, bubbly personality. She is very patient and supportive providing lots of resources to help you including a LDC workbook and LDC website helping you prepare for each lesson. Thank you.

Toby ChallinerToby Challiner
Passed in Preston!
Louise is a fantastic instructor. She provides a LDC workbook on all the topics to do with driving and also provides a LDC website with lots of resources and information. She is very kind and supportive which helped me pass my driving test. If you are looking for an instructor I would highly recommend Louise.

Abbi BleeksAbbi Bleeks
First time Pass in Heysham!
I have been doing lessons with Louise for about 2 months and passed first time. Louise went through everything I needed to make me a confident driver. Thank you Louise!

Ella BleeksElla Bleeks
First time Pass with only one minor fault!
Louise was a very thoughtful and patient instructor; especially helping deal with driving nerves and not making me feel like my mistakes were the end of the world. Each lesson was well planned with clear goals, helping me grow in confidence until I was able to drive safely and independently. Thank you Louise!

Rebecca ArgallRebecca Argall
First time Pass in Heysham
Louise is an excellent instructor who really helped me build my confidence right from the first lesson. She was always very patient, especially when I wanted to keep practising something until I could get it right. My lessons with Louise have been an amazingly positive experience. “We’ll done Rebecca so proud that you held your nerves and passed your test at the first time of asking. You really deserved your pass as you worked so hard. Enjoy a life time of safe driving!”

Ethan HaslamEthan Haslam
First time Pass in Preston
I am pleased with my learner driving experience with LDC Louise Simpson as I passed my practical driving test first time. I would recommend Louise as a driving Instructor as she explains lots of driving techniques in simple ways so it’s easier to learn. Overall I would say I enjoyed my lessons and would recommend her for anyone who is interested in learning to drive. Congratulations Ethan! So pleased for you today. Enjoy your new found freedom and stay safe on the roads!

Damian GaltDamian Galt
First time Pass
“Throughout my learning experience I have enjoyed driving largely due to Louise’s attitude and motivation. She is always happy to have a laugh (especially when I was nervous) calming my nerves. The LDC workbook and hub really helped set a foundation and understanding for me helping me prepare for my lessons. I felt really prepared for my test and was a big help in helping me pass my test first time. I don’t think there is a better person to learn from.”

Congratulations Damian you worked really hard to achieve your goal of passing first time you really deserve it. Enjoy and I look forward to seeing you on the roads.

Lauren ZanzarellaLauren Zanzarella
Passed with 1 minor driving fault
“Thank you so much for all my lessons. I’m so so happy and really enjoyed learning with you” Congratulations Lauren you worked really hard and so deserved your pass. Enjoy your new car and your new found freedom! I will look forward to seeing you out on the road.

John CrritchleyJohn Crritchley
First Time Pass
Thank you so much Louise. Fantastic Instructor. I have had lessons with other instructors before but found myself struggling. After moving to Louise my confidence grew and each lesson I felt myself improving and getting closer to getting my license. I was able to learn at my own pace and Louise kept me motivated and improving each lesson. Thank you so much Louise for all your help and support and helping me pass first time.

Melanie ChapmanMelanie Chapman
Passed With 1 Minor Driving Fault!
Louise has been brilliant, as a nervous driver I have felt very comforted and supported throughout my learning experience. The learning materials provide a structured approach which can be adapted to work for you as an individual, and the workbook is a very useful tool for supporting the practical and theory. I cannot thank Louise enough for her help and support and would recommend Louise and LDC to anyone wanting to learn to drive.

Kieran CrossKieran Cross
Passed in Preston
Louise was very flexible with my learning. She was very supportive and the LDC resources, hub and workbook really useful. Thank you Louise.

Joel Wilding Joel Wilding
Passed in Preston
Louise was very helpful and patient during my driving lessons. I wasn’t the fastest learner by any means but Louise always remained calm and helped me continually improve my skills and pass my driving test. Before I started to learn to drive even the idea scared me but Louise made my lessons enjoyable, while still keeping them progressive. Louise helped to calm my nerves and was very supportive. Thank you for everything Louise!

Glen CrookGlen Crook
First time Pass in Heysham
Amazing, super, caring Driving Instructor! Louise was happy to answer any questions I had and helped me with my practical driving skills so that I passed my driving test first time! “Congratulation’s Glen, stay safe on the road and enjoy a lifetime of safe driving!”

Jess CrintchleyJess Crintchley
Passed with Zero Faults
The LDC resources were very helpful, especially at the start of learning. Louise was very knowledgable and helpful, really helping me to learn to drive and pass my test. “Huge well done Jess for passing your driving test with some lovely comments from the Examiner. Stay safe on the road and enjoy a lifetime of safe driving”

George WherryGeorge Wherry
First time Pass!
My Instructor Louise was great, her learning methods were perfect and well planned out. If there were sections I was struggling with Louise helped me and gave me support to help me improve and feel more confident. I would really recommend Louise if you are thinking of learning to drive. “Huge well done George on passing your driving test at the first time of asking. You worked really hard to get that well deserved first time pass. Enjoy a life time of safe driving.”

Nathan MontgomeryNathan Montgomery
Passed with zero faults!
I would highly recommend Louise Simpson if you are wanting to learn to drive. Louise is calm and collected. She is patient and understanding, going through all the aspects of driving that I needed to pass my driving test with zero faults. “Congratulations Nathan you really deserved your pass today. It has been a pleasure to see your driving skills improve each week. Enjoy your new found freedom and a life time of safe driving”.

Zoe DyerZoe Dyer
First Time Pass in Preston
Amazing Instructor. Louise was very helpful and informative. I really enjoyed learning to drive with her.

"Congratulations Zoe you worked really hard to achieve your first time pass and really deserve it! It has been a really challenging time with the covid lock downs and postponed tests. Huge well done and enjoy and lifetime of safe driving."

Ash MaachaouiAsh Maachaoui
First time Pass
Louise is the best driving instructor! She’s been very patient with me, helped me from step 1 till I passed my test first time with just 2 minor faults. Highly recommended! “Congratulations and thank you Ash. You worked really hard to achieve your pass and really deserve it. Enjoy a lifetime of safe driving!”

Casey PriceCasey Price
First Time Pass
Very good Instructor. Louise helped me a lot with my driving skills. When I didn’t get something she explained it, helping me get the right technique. “Congratulations Casey you worked hard using the LDC system to achieve a first time pass. Enjoy a lifetime of safe driving“

Kyle WallingKyle Walling
Passed in Preston with only 2 minor driving faults!
Louise was fantastic to be with. She supports you in anything you are struggling with. The LDC workbook was very useful and gives you lots of information to prepare for lessons and reflect on. The videos help a lot too. Louise was very supportive, patient and overall a superstar instructor. Thank you Louise!

Libby BaxterLibby Baxter
First Time Pass
First time pass with only one minor fault. Libby completed a semi intensive driving course in December and due to the Covid lockdown was unable to take her test in January. It was worth the wait although as she passed first time with only one minor driving fault.

“Louise has been an amazing driving instructor. She is always encouraging and has massively helped me to get my first time pass. I would highly recommend her to anyone learning to drive.”

Alex LawAlex Law
Passed 1st Time with only 1 minor driving fault!
Louise was more than anything very supportive! Not only was she very helpful at the start of my driving experience but on test day she was exactly what any young nervous learner would need. From learning the basics of clutch control to reverse parking Louise was knowledgable and made sure I had all the skills I needed. I always felt safe during my lessons which at the beginning was very reassuring. During the Covid-19 lockdowns Louise gave me support for my theory. I would definitely recommend Louise as she has been a great instructor! Not only did I PASS FIRST time but I must give credit to Louise for being so supportive!

“Congratulations Alex and thank you for your kind words. You did all the hard work and really deserve your pass with only 1 minor driving fault.“

Eleanor MillerEleanor Miller
Passed 1st Time
Extremely helpful and kind instructor. Louise was very good at getting me to reflect on each lesson and recognise what was going well and what needed improving. The LDC workbook was useful with lots of interactive information. I thoroughly enjoyed my lessons with Louise and was so pleased to have passed 1st time. Thank you! “Well done Eleanor you really deserved your pass today after being cancelled last month due to the lock down! I look forward to seeing you out on the road!”

Owen PyeOwen Pye
Passed 1st time
Louise was very supportive and helpful throughout my time learning to drive. She gave me the confidence I needed to practice and improve my driving skills each week. The LDC workbook helped me plan and prepare for my lessons each week. “Congratulations Owen you really deserve your pass today with only 2 minors. The current covid restrictions have had a huge impact on everyone but you have got there in the end!”

Billy HoughBilly Hough
First time pass with only 1 driving fault!
Louise provided a calm and safe learning environment which allowed me to advance quickly and well. Throughout the recent COVID restrictions she supported me, allowing me to keep up the skills required to pass my test. The LDC workbook helped me prepare, organise and consolidate my learning. The hazard perception videos/tests helped me massively in passing the theory test along with the questions, helping me understand other real life hazards.

Leah WallingLeah Walling
Passed first time!
I passed my test on the 12th October. I couldn’t of done it without Louise, she was really supportive and really patient with me. When I first started my driving lessons I didn’t know anything about driving and Louise taught me step by step so that I had the skills and confidence to pass my test first time. I really recommend Louise for driving lessons.

Well done Leah you really deserved to pass as you worked really had using the LDC system to build your skills and knowledge required to pass first time. Enjoy a life time of safe driving.

Jake HallJake Hall
A well deserved Pass for Jake!
A huge well done to Jake for passing his driving test today! It was worth the long wait, due to the COVID 19 lock down! “I am very very happy to have passed my driving test today. I enjoyed my lessons with Louise and it’s thanks to her that I’ve passed!”

Matthew CocksMatthew Cocks
Passed with only 2 driving faults!
"I found the student-centred LD system and resources very useful. My instructor, Louise Simpson, was great, very patient and understanding and taught in a manner that helped me understand everything well. The videos helped me to prepare very well for each lesson and showed good detail on how to do things. All in all everything was very good for me and ensured me passing.” Congratulations Matthew! A well deserved pass after a bit of a wait due to the COVID 19 lock down situation! Enjoy your new car and good luck with your new job! Safe driving!

Abigail SmitAbigail Smit
Passed First Time!
“I really enjoyed my lessons with Louise and loved the LDC System. I always felt prepared for the lesson and got help to improve each week. The videos help you feel more prepared for each lesson, as you know what you will be covering. I would definitely recommend using the LDC System and Louise Simpson while learning to drive”. Huge congratulations go to Abi who used the LDC System to get the maximum out of her lessons each week and go on to successfully pass both her theory and practical tests first time!

Jamie ZanzerellaJamie Zanzerella
Passed with only 23hrs of Tuition!
Louise is a very good Instructor. she was understanding and calm all of the time. She made instructions easy to follow and simple to execute. The LDC workbook was very informative and easy to follow as we’re the videos. Well done Jamie you used the LDC system to support your in car learning and really deserve passing today!

Freya Monks Freya Monks
Passed in Preston
"The LDC system was very good and especially helpful when revising for my theory test. The videos were helpful before lessons. The workbook was good for reflection and remembering what to improve on. Louise was good at giving constructive feedback and preparing you for your test."

I am so pleased that Freya has passed her driving test today. She has used the LDC system to set her own goals in each lesson and it has supported her becoming a safe confident driving. Congratulations and very well done Freya!

Oliver BonserOliver Bonser
First time Pass with Zero Driving Faults
"Having passed first time with zero faults I can whole heartedly recommend Louise. Great lesson structures, well explained feedback and lots of encouragement."

I am so proud of Olly for passing both theory and practical tests first time with zero driving faults for his practical test and some lovely feedback from the Examiner. Well done Olly enjoy your new found freedom!

Alice Nickson
First time Pass
"My Instructor was great. I liked how I learnt all the basics first as it made me feel more confident once we started busier areas. I liked the learning methods which were used to help me pass both my theory and practical driving tests first time."

Congratulations and a very well done to Alice who had an almost perfect drive during her practical test. Alice worked hard, setting her own goals during her lessons and using the LDC system to successfully pass her driving test first time.

Russell EsleaRussell Eslea
Passed 1st Time
My instructor Louise was very friendly, helpful and always patient with me when I made any mistakes. I couldn’t have asked for anyone better. The LDC hub, workbook and mock tests were super helpful in helping me pass both my theory and practical tests first time.

Louis Kauijo-FlanaganLouis Kauijo-Flanagan
First time pass in Preston
Great LDC workbook for monitoring and preparing for lessons. Patient and amazing listening from Louise. Excellent advice on how to improve on my faults. Great preparation for the test, no surprises as well prepared by Louise.

Jordan DaviesJordan Davies
First time pass in Preston with compliments for Drive from Examiner!
Louise is honestly the best instructor I’ve ever had. Calm, understanding and makes you feel at ease behind the wheel. Helps to help you understand your mistakes and helps you to rectify them all while building your confidence.

Dan HulmeDan Hulme
Passed in Preston
I’ve been driving with Louise since mid December last year and throughout my time with her she has helped me to develop my skills to enable me to have the confidence to pass. Louise has brought me out of my shell and turned me into a confident driver. Thank you.

Ben CravenBen Craven
First time pass with only 20hrs lessons using the LDC method
My instructor Louise Simpson was very helpful and with each lesson I learnt many new things and had good fun while doing so. The learning method associated with LDC was very helpful and I felt it boosted my learning.

Rhys Lisle Rhys Lisle
Louise gave me the confidence to pass 1st time
Couldn’t have asked for more from my instructor. Louise got me from a basic level of driving to a level whereby I was ready for my test in a very short period of time. Louise corrected my errors efficiently and most importantly gave me the confidence to pass. Thank you very much Louise for all your help resulting in a first time pass.

Josh BromleyJosh Bromley
Passed with 2 minors
Louise is a fantastic instructor, who is very supportive whilst learning to drive. She makes lessons relaxed while also providing clear and conscientious instructions. Her lessons are enjoyable and informative and learner development is well balanced. I’d recommend her to all levels of learner driver and wish her all the best.

Robert EvansRobert Evans
Fantastic instructor, very patient, professional, willing to go the extra mile. So glad I chose Louise from LDC as my instructor, would be happy to recommend to anyone. Excellent supportive LDC workshop materials.